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Halloween Party Food

Eclectic Handmade Creations - Halloween Party Food

Happy Halloween!

You’ve picked out your costume. You have decorated your home into a house of horror, or just a little spooky to keep it child friendly and fun. All that you have left to do is put out the party food and drink. There are a few quick and easy food and drink recipes in my Halloween Party Ideas post a few weeks ago, but I thought I would show you a few of the things that I prepared for Halloween this year.


Halloween Decorations

Nothing quite puts you in the mood for a holiday or a party, quite like decorations. Having spooky bats, wicked witches and ghastly ghosts flying around the house may delight or frighten you. Perhaps bubbling cauldrons and eerie giant spider webs adorning the walls will do the trick. Or maybe black cats stalking around corners and horrifying web coated dead trees would be for you. Or perhaps just simple Jack-O-Lanterns is more your speed.


Halloween Party Ideas

There isn’t much of a history of celebrating Halloween in Australia, however the Halloween fever is slowly spreading to this side of the pond. It has come a long way since it’s early UK heritage, these days the young children celebrating it wouldn’t be able to imagine the origins of their favorite sugar filled holiday.

When it comes to Halloween, there are two groups of people. There are those that love it and those that loath it. I suppose there is a third group of people; those that really just don’t care. Mr Hubby is in the last group but I do suspect that my yearly insistence on celebrating Halloween may cause him to learn to loath it, or if I’m lucky he may even learn to love it. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?