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Baby Bundle – Part 2

The Appliquéd Towel

A favourite gift of mine for small children is personalised appliquéd bath towels. It may not be a common gift but I think that is part of the appeal to me. My mother use to give personalised towels as baptism gifts for her nieces and nephews and one of my most memorable items from my childhood was a pink bath towel that my Nan and Pop gave me. It had a pink hippopotamus appliqué on it with blue square framed glasses. It pretty much disintegrated many years ago as a lot of well loved and used items do. However I still remember it with fondness all these years later.

I recently started making these gifts for the young babies and children in my life. The first one that I ever made was for my friend’s daughter; Miss E’s baby bundle. It was the first time I had ever tried appliqué and I was so excited about how it came out. I used a little gender neutral owl motif to suit the nursery theme Mrs S had set up.


Baby Bundle – Part 1

There is nothing I enjoy more than creating something gorgeous for someone special in my life. It just makes me so happy to see my family member or friend open the gift with delight. I love knowing that they will love and appreciate the customized item and the hard work I have put in, just for them. My latest creations were one such project.

My close friends Mrs S and Mr C were expecting their second child; their first Miss E is such a beautiful happy little princess and is one of my very favourite little people. I just knew that Miss Es little brother or sister would be too.

Mrs S is one of the most self controlled people I have ever met. Despite the fact that she is a sonographer she was adamant that she wasn’t going to find out the gender of the baby; for either pregnancy. Day in, day out she would be working with sonography equipment, telling people the gender of their babies and not once peaked at her own belly. Not even just a little bit. How on earth does she do that? I can’t even begin to imagine! I love the idea of keeping the gender of the baby a surprise until the birth, but as a crafter I find this exceptionally frustrating. There are so many gorgeous girl and boy fabrics and supplies available and I’m not much of a fan of gender neutral colours. More accurately put; I am vehemently against them, particularly yellow and green, for a very ridiculous reason that actually has nothing to do with the colours themselves. That was until I finished this project! I am now a gender neutral convert! Not quite to the point where I would be able to keep the gender of my own baby a surprise; let’s not get ahead of ourselves.