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My first Photo Challenge

I know, I know… this post’s title doesn’t sound much like the sewing tutorial I promised you I was going to do. However, this is a super fun and exciting post topic. I will still be bringing you the sewing tutorial as promised, very soon. My taste in craft/design/creating is very eclectic and something new and/or different can easily excite me, I know I have a very short attention sp… Oh, something shiny!

This week’s something shiny…


Capturing a moment indoors

A few weeks ago I said that I had a post coming soon on; Indoor photography, the pain, the stress and the results if they turn out. Well indoor photography did not disappoint; it was a pain and just as stressful as I predicted. Although I took a few photography classes at University and I like to learn and play around with new techniques and styles, I am certainly not a master photographer. Taking Photos indoors is something that I struggle with; it is not the most ideal setting for photos. Then when the indoor space has little to no natural light or even much artificial light it is even less ideal.