As far as I am concerned the “About me” section on any form or the “tell us a bit about yourself” question in interviews is by far the hardest question to answer, it sends me into panic mode and all of a sudden I forget who I am and all I can think of is “My name is Beck”, like my name is somehow the only piece of information I know about myself. I will try a little bit harder to give you a little bit more information than that.

My name is Beck… and I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband Mick and my three gorgeous little guinea pigs Sammy, Scamp and Patches. Mick and I have been married for four years and have been together since we were 16, I am constantly surprised that we haven’t killed each other yet, but there are plenty of years for that, we are still pretty young.

I have the most eclectic taste in pretty much everything, especially when it comes to creating. I love quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, card making, scrapbooking, cross stitch, cooking, cake decorating, chocolate making, furniture restoration, home renovations, painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, architecture and pretty much anything else that involves design and or creating. I studied Architecture and photography at University and my full time job is in the Architectural/Construction Management field. I love the way that I can lose myself in the art of creating, it somehow manages to quieten my very active mind and if things are going smoothly it is so relaxing. Although it isn’t quite so relaxing if my sewing machine and I are having words or when I really don’t know what I am doing and make lots of mistakes.

I am mostly self-taught in the creating realm. My formal studies were in Architecture and Photography at University and shorter courses in cake decorating, chocolate making and art (painting and drawing). I think my interest and ability in all things creative came from my Mum and her Mum. My Mum is an amazing artist and has, at different times done; cross stitch, sewing, knitting and lead lighting; my childhood bedroom has the most beautiful pink and purple light shade that she made. My Nan has always been a sewer and crafter, I recall spending my school holidays out on their farm and from a young age learning to cook, hand sew, knit, long stitch and crochet. I didn’t actually learn how to use a sewing machine until my first year of high school in a short and basic compulsory sewing class, I even hand sewed a mock up of my project first so that I would know what I was doing when I had to machine sew it.

I am now a creating addict and love to learn new skills and techniques. This site is a journey of my existing skills and knowledge being developed upon by what I am learning and hope to learn via various Youtube tutorials, blog tutorials and courses. I invite you to join me on this journey, learning as you go and hopefully enjoying the company!

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