Easter is getting closer and this week is the second part of four to the Easter Gift Basket. The last two posts will be published over the next few days, so that you still have plenty of time to make them before Easter. Last week I gave you a list of all the supplies, tools and equipment you will need to make this. I would highly recommend reading through last weeks post and through all of the below instructions first before starting.

Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com

Flower Easter Basket

  1. Download the free templateEaster Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_Template
  2. Print it out onto the colour paper of your choice
  3. Cut out the flower shape Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_1
  4. Cut along the small straight slits Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_2
  5. Score along the curved lines of the inner circle Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_3
  6. Turn the paper over so that the non-printed side is facing up Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_4
  7. To form the sides of the basket gently fold along the score lines, you should notice that the petals overlap where the slits were cut in step 4 Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_5
  8. Apply a thin strip of adhesive along one side of each of the slits (I have used double sided sticky tape) and stick the edge of on petal behind the edge of the one next to it, continue all around the basket Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_7
  9. To make a tighter flower overlap the petals more, to make a more open flower overlap the petals less Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_6
  10. Gently curl the tips of the petals out around a pencil or similar Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_8
  11. To make the stamen you will need a second sheet of colour paper in a co-ordinating colour Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_9
  12. Cut the sheet of paper into 3 even long strips Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_10
  13. Fold the strips of paper in half along the length of the strip Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_11
  14. Along the folded edge, cut small slits stopping about 0.5 – 1cm from the other edge of the paper, and about 2-5mm apart Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_12
  15. Gently open up the folded strip of paper and fold it the opposite way (same edges touching), do not press down the puffy loops of paper that you have just made, this is what we want Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_13
  16. Use a little bit of adhesive to keep the unfolded edges of the paper together, to stop it from opening up again Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_14
  17. Repeated steps 14 – 16 for the other two folded strips of paper then stick them together to create 1 long piece Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_15Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_16
  18. Starting at one end, gently and loosely roll the cut paper to form the stamen Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_17
  19. Place the stamen in the flower basket to see how it fits, you may need to adjust the looseness of the roll, when you are happy with it, glue the end of the strip of paper down on the stamen roll Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_18
  20. Poor a small amount of glue in the bottom of the basket and stick your stamen down in the basket Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_19
  21. Adjust the paper loops till you are happy with the way the steam sits and now you are done with the basket 🙂 Easter Gift Basket Part 2 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.com_20

Now that your baskets are ready, you can move on to filling them up with felted eggs and string eggs… come back tomorrow for the next step!

EHC_love Beck



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