It is not long till Easter, only a few short weeks away. Soon the Easter bunny will be hopping around hiding chocolate Easter eggs for all the little boys and girls to hunt for. Or more accurately, mums and dads will be buying up big on the chocolate eggs and doing up Easter baskets for the kids to take to school to give their friends and teachers. Then mum and dad play Easter bunny and hide a mountain of eggs for the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Easter is one holiday that I don’t really celebrate; I really don’t need an excuse to eat chocolate, I already consume far too much of it as it is! I do however really like how Easter themed things are generally very cute. How could I not do a super cute Easter craft for you guys 🙂 

My Easter themed craft this year is a cute little Easter Gift Basket, perfect for giving to friends, school mates, teachers, work colleagues and family. The Easter Gift Basket is in the shape of a flower, complete with stamen for the eggs to nestle in. Inside are mini felted eggs and string eggs. There is also plenty of room for mini chocolate eggs too.

As there is a lot involved in this craft, I will split this tutorial into a couple of parts. The craft itself isn’t too complicated and wont actually take that long, it will however take a lot of words and photos to explain. This week’s post will include a few images of the final project and the list of supplies and tools you will need.

Easter Gift Basket Part 1 by

There are a few supplies that you will need for this craft and some of them may be a little difficult to find but I have listed them all below with links to where you can get them online (links are the pink text). I like purple, pink, blue green and yellow for Easter, I don’t know why, but these colours, especially in pastels, make me think of Easter.You can make the Easter Gift Basket in any colour scheme you like, but the links will be for a similar colour scheme to mine.


Easter Gift Basket Part 1 by


  • Printer for printing off the basket template
  • Scissors
  • Scoring tool
  • Glue for paper or double sided sticky tape
  • Warm soapy water
  • Clean cool water
  • Dry towel
  • PVA glue (wood glue, white glue,carpenter’s glue, school glue, Elmer’s glue)
  • Aluminium foil

This may sound like a strange list of supplies and tools but trust me, they all work well together to create this beautiful Easter Gift Basket.

Easter Gift Basket Part 1 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.comEaster Gift Basket Part 1 by EclecticHandmadeCreations.comEaster Gift Basket Part 1 by


Gather your supplies and tools and I will see you here next week for the full instructions on how to turn all this into a gorgeous Easter Gift Basket.

EHC_love Beck

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