Red roses, boxes of chocolates, heart shaped cards and romantic gestures. All heart melting things that let us know that it is coming up to Valentine’s Day.  I know that Valentine’s Day is traditionally meant for singles and new couples but as a not-so-old married woman, I can’t helped be swept up by all the…


Red & Pink


…and you thought I was going to say LOVE 🙂

After finally taking down my Christmas Garland my hallway wall just looked too bare, so I decided to make a lovely romantic Valentine’s Day garland to decorate our home in celebration of the holiday of LOVE! 

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

The DIY Valentine’s Day Garland, is made with crochet roses, felt hearts and yarn to hang it all up with. The pattern for the crochet roses is from Lion Brand Yarns, you will need to create a free account to download the pattern, but when you sign up you have access to some amazing FREE patterns. If you are new to crochet or if you are like me and need a crochet refresher, the amazing Crafty Gemini has a great crochet tutorial series and shows you how to make these awesome crochet roses.

I hadn’t done crochet in years until over Christmas, when I learnt to make these roses on our interstate road trip.  I fell back in love with this easy and fantastic craft. When I (and most people) think of crocheting, I think of ugly multiple coloured blankets made by old ladies to get rid of all their left over wool. But there are so many amazing things that you can create with crocheting! One of the great things about it is that you don’t need many supplies and you can do it almost anywhere or anytime; not whilst driving though, don’t go being silly. All you need is a crochet hook and a ball of yarn.

To make the garland…

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by EclecticHandmadeCreations.comDIY Valentine's Day Garland by

You will need

Step 1. Measure the length you want the garland to be

Step 2. Work out how many roses and hearts you want for the garland

Step 3. Make the crochet roses in your choice of sizes, you could have them all the same size or varying sizes like I have done

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

Step 4. Draw up a heart template on paper and cut it out

Step 5. Trace around the template on the back of the felt and cut them out

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

Step 6. Cut the length of yarn that you need for the garland

Step 7. Thread the hearts onto the yarn, using the darning needle

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

Step 8. Attach the roses to the yarn by tying them with the yarn tails of the roses

Step 9. Hang up the garland and you will notice that the roses hang face down a little but to fix this I stuck a sticky Velcro dot to the wall behind the middle rose

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

Step 10. Step back and enjoy the DIY Valentine’s Day Garland and the fun and romantic atmosphere it helps bring to your home for Valentine’s day.

DIY Valentine's Day Garland by

Online shopping List to make this craft…

I hope you have as much fun making this one as I did! If you make the DIY Valentine’s Day Garland share a picture with me on either Facebook , instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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