Last week was all about Christmas Cards. They are a great way of creating something unique and special for someone that you care about. They don’t take much time, they aren’t expensive to make, and they can look so amazing. I love that Christmas time is an excuse to go old school and post letters and cards. It is so exciting to receive cards in the mail, or really anything other than bills! But what do you do with all those amazing cards, how do you showcase the works of art that your family and friends have made or picked out especially for you? They create such a Christmasy feel and provide beautiful decoration. However, they can be quite difficult to display; the slightest of breezes blows them over, they may not even like to stand on their own, hanging them over the traditional piece of string only helps protect them from a slight breeze, anything stronger and the whole lot come floating down. Today I am going to show you a beautiful way of displaying all your Christmas cards; A Christmas Garland and Card Display. It displays all your Christmas cards and it even looks great without cards so it doesn’t matter if you don’t receive any physical cards, perhaps your family and friends have so completely embraced the digital age and don’t get excited about mail as I do :-).

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations.

The Christmas garland is so easy to make and decorating it can be as simple or elaborate, as you want. This is a great project to get the kids involved in. I’ll walk you through how to create the basics of the garland and then show you how I decorated mine to give you some inspiration.

You will need

Wooden clothes pegs (clothes pins); these are available in a range of sizes, craft stores stock them in the tiniest of sizes but think about the weight of a card and the strength of the peg when choosing. The number of them is completely optional, it will depend on the amount of wall space you have to hang the garland and the design that you want to do.

String or thin ribbon; I used cotton twine of a rustic traditional look but you can choose any narrow string. Just make sure that it is strong enough to hold up the weight of the peg and cards and that it is thin enough to thread through the centre of the peg spring

Decorating supplies; You can use just about anything to decorate the pegs. I used scrapbook paper, stickers, diamantes, buttons, spray paint (acrylic paints are a bit too thick and can cause the peg spring to gunk up, you just need to be careful with it). You can use anything you like, the only thing to be careful of is how heavy the decorations are, I wouldn’t suggest trying to stick a brick to it, in fact I would be a little worried if you thought that was a good idea lol.

Crafting tools and equipment; things like scissors or craft knife, glue, personal protective equipment for using spray paint, and a matt or paper to work on to protect your work surface.

Hanging equipment; I used removable command hooks to hang mine but you could also use nails or tacks. Just make sure that the hanging equipment is strong enough to hold up a fully decorated and loaded garland.

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

 How to put it all together

  1. Measure the desired length of the garland; I wanted to hang mine on a short wall so I had to keep mine under two metres this included enough length to have a bit of slack.
  2. Work out how many pegs you will; this is based on the length of the garland and the space you want to leave in between each peg; I went with spacing of approximately 10cm.
  3. Work out how many pegs you will need; I wanted to spell out Merry Christmas so I needed at least 14 pegs
  4. You can decorate the pegs either before or after putting it on the string; I chose to do it first as it makes decorating easier but it was more difficult to attach the pegs to the string.
  5. Attach the pegs to the string; Thread the string through the spring of the pegs and tie a knot on either side of the peg, this enables the pegs to stay in place and not all fall into the centre of the string. I cut off sections of string about the length of my arm, attached a few pegs then tied another length to it at one of the knots. I kept getting the long piece of string all knotted up.

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

  1. Hang the garland; As I mentioned above I used command hooks to hang my garland, I tied loops in the end of the string and looped it around the hook.

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

Decorating ideas

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreationsChristmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreationsChristmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreationsChristmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

Storing the garland

Many Christmas decorations are extremely difficult to store and unpack, everything just gets so tangled! The best way to store this garland is to simply clip the pegs to a piece of card board.

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

Christmas Garland and Card Display by #EclecticHandmadeCreations

If you give this project a try I would love to see it, upload it to Facebook, Instagram or twitter and tag it #EclecticHandmadeCreations.

Love Beck from Eclectic Handmade Creations

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