In the past, I had lightly dabbled in paper crafts such as scrapbooking and card making. I had once attempted a horrible excuse of a scrapbook. It was so bad that just the shear memory of it makes me shudder in shame! I have had a lot more success with card making; some of them were quite great (if I do say so myself) and some of them not so much, although I don’t think any of them were as bad as the scrapbook. Argh, that scrapbook.

Thank you Card by Eclectic Handmade Creations
One of my more successful attempts at card making in the past.

Whilst I was at the Canberra Craft and Quilting Fair a few months ago, I got to see a lot of paper crafting supplies, tools and techniques being demonstrations. Oh boy, was I full of inspiration and motivation. There was a stall at the fair run by some of the Canberra based Kaszazz consultants. For those of you that don’t know (don’t worry I didn’t either) Kaszazz is an Australian based company that sells scrapbooking and card making supplies and equipment. They also run workshops and demonstrations, which you can pay to go along too and free Make and Take demonstrations, which are parties that you can host at your place.

A few weeks after the fair, I went along to one of the Mega Demos. A handful of the local Canberra consultants were running it for free as part of the promotion from the fair. At the Mega Demo I, not only got to see some of the products they sell and make a free card but I also got tempted into hosting a Make and Take Demo party of my own, they were offering FREE STUFF. I really can’t pass up on free stuff!!!

Fathers Day Card by Eclectic Handmade Creations
Fathers Day card made by Eclectic Handmade Creations at the Kaszazz Mega Demo

The Make and Take Demos are sort of like a Tupperware party but for paper crafts. They do the typical show and tell of the products they offer but then the fun part is that they show you step by step how to make one of their card kits and you and your friends get to make one each, to take home, for free! (Are you noticing a common theme throughout this? Free stuff!) So, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I had some of my lovely ladies over for cake and bubbly and a little Saturday afternoon craft (or as I love to say; Ladies Crafternoon). It was fantastic on multiple levels. Firstly, where on earth can you go wrong with great company, cake and bubbly?? Secondly, the card making was so much fun and really easy! My very uncrafty-but-amazing-none-the-less friend Miss S was quite surprised at how easy it was and her card turned out just as great as the rest of them! The last (but by no means least) reason it was fantastic was that I got a whole bunch of stuff for free for hosting. Have I told you yet that I love free stuff?

Kaszazz Host booking Gift for Eclectic Handmade Creations
The Kaszazz host booking gift. I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!

The only down side to it was that I couldn’t decide what to get and what not to get and there was only so much free stuff I was entitled to! The choosing process literally took me DAYS!!! I emailed and texted the poor consultant more times than I am sure she would have liked until I got my list absolutely perfect-ish (perfect would have been one of everything for the same amount I spent).

I am so excited to get stuck into the paper crafting! I got a lot of supplies to do Christmas cards so as soon as I take delivery, I am going to have to get stuck into card making up a storm! If you are lucky (aka if I get to it) I may even show you some of the Christmas card ideas that I come up with. But for now, I will leave you with some photos of the cards and the lovely Make and Take Demo.

Cake and Bubbly by Eclectic Handmade Creations
Great Company, Cake and Bubbly; what more could a girl need!
Kaszazz Ezy Press at Eclectic Handmade Creations Ladies Crafternoon
The Kaszazz Ezy Press in action at Eclectic Handmade Creations Ladies Crafternoon. This is used with the embossing folders to emboss patterns on the card stock.
Kaszazz embossing folder
Kaszazz embossing folder with embossed card after going through the Ezy Press.
Card Making by Eclectic Handmade Creations
Embossed card and punched shapes for the card made at the Eclectic Handmade Creations’ Ladies Crafternoon.
Crafting mess at the Ladies Crafternoon by Eclectic Handmade Creations
The crafting mess at the Ladies Crafternoon by Eclectic Handmade Creations. Totally worth it!
Cards made at the Eclectic Handmade Creations' Ladies Crafternoon
Some of the beautiful cards made at the Eclectic Handmade Creations’ Ladies Crafternoon. Well done ladies!
Cards made at the Eclectic Handmade Creations' Ladies Crafternoon
Some more of the beautiful cards made at the Eclectic Handmade Creations’ Ladies Crafternoon. Well done ladies!

Do you have any tales, good or bad of your paper crafting attempts? Please share, especially if they are bad, that way I’ll feel a little bit better about my horrendous scrapbooking experience!

If you are in the Canberra area and you would like to host a Kaszazz party please give Gaylene Butcher a call or send her an email etc and if you are not in the Canberra area but would like to order you can still do that through Gaylene – Gaylene Butcher – Kaszazz Consultant ID: 108389 –

Oh FYI; I am not getting paid for this post, I received no additional freebies for writing this and I do not receive anything further if you purchase from Kaszazz, all free stuff mentioned in this post were offers from Kaszazz available to me as an ordinary first time customer. Just thought you might like to know 🙂

Love Beck from Eclectic Handmade Creations

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