As you may already know from my post here and from following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I have been taking part in the Photo-a-day Challenge set out by the amazing Mikala at The Makers’ Collective. The challenge ran for all of October and 1 bonus day in November.

Eclectic Handmade Creations - Photo Challenge

This was my first ever photo challenge and I had SO much fun, and I actually learnt a lot. I learnt that;

  • Taking a different photo every day for over a month is quite a commitment! If you follow me on the socail media listed above you will see that there are a few pics below that I didn’t actually take on the day and then upload, I did get a little slack in the last few days. In my defense however it was all “local” photos and I was a bit too busy to be going out and about.
  • My mobile phone camera SUCKS, not just a little bit, not in I’m a perfectionist kind of way but in a it’s crap way.
  • I’m a total noob at Instagram and Twitter (so much so that I bet I have used the word noob incorrectly).
  • I love filters on Instagram, they saved a few of the photos taken by my phones camera, although they couldn’t save all of them, so sad 🙁
  • I love chocolate and wine – actually I already knew that but it was quite obvious from the number of photos I did take and could have taken of both of these items 🙂
  • I loved checking out all the photos taken by the other partisipants of the challenge, if you are on social media check out  #TMCPhotoChallenge for some great pics!

Below are all the photos I took for the challenge, flick through the gallery to see larger sizes of the photos and the details of how the photos relate the the days theme/prompt.

I’d love to hear about any Photo Challenges you have taken part in, share in the comments below!

EHC_love Beck

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