There isn’t much of a history of celebrating Halloween in Australia, however the Halloween fever is slowly spreading to this side of the pond. It has come a long way since it’s early UK heritage, these days the young children celebrating it wouldn’t be able to imagine the origins of their favorite sugar filled holiday.

When it comes to Halloween, there are two groups of people. There are those that love it and those that loath it. I suppose there is a third group of people; those that really just don’t care. Mr Hubby is in the last group but I do suspect that my yearly insistence on celebrating Halloween may cause him to learn to loath it, or if I’m lucky he may even learn to love it. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

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I really can’t pass up an excuse to dress up in a costume, make themed decorations and party food and if I’m honest an excuse to party. Can you? Just as I thought, you are looking forward to Halloween as much as I am!

There are many ways and variations of celebrating Halloween; from the child friendly to the downright horrifying, the quick and easy to the labor of love, and not to mention the sugar laden to the health conscious. Whether you want to throw a horrifying soiree, take the kids trick or treating or just put up a few spooky decorations; there are ideas and inspiration all over the net for exactly what you need. Hours can be lost in the black hole of the internet and let’s face it there are a lot of crap ideas out there to wade through. I have done my fair share of wading through the good, the bad and the ugly of Halloween party ideas. I have compiled the highlights below, just for you! You can thank me in whatever way you think is appropriate; now or later. Just kidding.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to costume ideas, you can put in as little or as much effort as you like. Costumes can be purchased, made or put together from things already in your closet. I have a few favorite inspiration sources when it comes to Halloween costumes. Check out ThreadBanger, TheSorryGirls  & Michelle Phan. They are all awesome YouTube channels and they all have playlists dedicated to Halloween DIYs.



For those that loath dressing up for themed parties, there are some super lazy options available for you too. Some of them are even quite witty. This website has a list of Last-minute Quick Costume Ideas.

If you decorate, create or dress up for Halloween this year, share your photos with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook #EHChalloween. I would love to see what you come up with!

The images below are links to various blogs and tutorials on different decoration and party food ideas. I havn’t tried any of these yet but they look like fun 🙂


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  1. Our town has a HUGE Halloween party, and a ‘Haunted House’ is open for tours, they have actors helping and everything. This year, they are doing a World Record Attempt for the Largest Thriller Dance ever! So much fun!! Everyone here decorates their house and they run a competition, so I’ll be getting onto these activities! Thanks heaps honey xoxo

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