I know, I know… this post’s title doesn’t sound much like the sewing tutorial I promised you I was going to do. However, this is a super fun and exciting post topic. I will still be bringing you the sewing tutorial as promised, very soon. My taste in craft/design/creating is very eclectic and something new and/or different can easily excite me, I know I have a very short attention sp… Oh, something shiny!

This week’s something shiny…

The awesome Mikala from The Makers’ Collective (formally Canberra Creatives) has put together a super fun and thought-provoking photo a day challenge, to celebrate their name change. This is actually my first EVER photo a day challenge and I am LOVING it. I’m full of inspiration and my creativity is buzzing, but it is still early days yet so we’ll see how inspired and creative I feel at the end of the month!

The Makers Collective is just a great big ball of awesomeness. I doubt I could explain it in a way that does it justice. However I will try, The Makers’ Collective is a website/blog/business that runs The Makers’ Hub + The Markers’ Box + The Makers’ Day + Send out twice monthly newsletters + offer Design Services + run heaps of workshops at The Makers’ Hub!!!! OMG, I thought I was busy, like I said AWESOMENESS! I would not be surprised if Mikala had a SuperCrafters’ costume on under her clothing. You absolutely need to check out the website and explore all the different things they offer. I attended The Makers’ Day that they held last month and LOVED it (may also have come home with a very big bag full of craft supplies and a tummy full yummy cupcakes).

Like I said above, The Makers’ Collective are undergoing a name change and they thought that they didn’t have enough going on with that, so they thought they would create a fantastic photo challenge (I’m seriously starting to think that I’m a little bit lazy). There are two ways of playing; the first is super easy and involves only four photos, one from each of the weekly themes or you can go creatively crazy and do the daily challenge, which combines the weekly themes with a daily prompts, there is a reason that this is called a challenge!

It started on the 1st of October but you can still join in on the fun so check it out at The Makers’ Collective’s website.

The themes + prompts so far have been fun and I haven’t broken my brain thinking of what to photograph, yet. I intend to post a gallery of my photos from the challenge at the end (Not promising anything, there might be something shiny), so I’ll only give you a sneak peak now…

The first weeks theme is ‘Collections’ and the first daily prompt was ‘Colour’. So, my first photo just had to be of my colourful nail polish collection. This is only a sample; I may have too many that the lid to my nail polish storage container only JUST closes!

EHC_Photochallenge_1_2014 10 03

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These are the themes and prompts for the challenge, if you have any ideas don’t keep them to yourself, I’m going to need all the help I can get!



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