There isn’t anything that I can say about love that isn’t going to sound like a cliché mess, so I am going to completely sidestep that aspect of today’s topic. Weddings and similar ceremonies are events that I can really get behind! I LOVED every moment of planning, organising and experience of my wedding some 4ish years ago. I have LOVED the marriage and my Mr Hubby even more, so as not to make you lose your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner I’ll stop myself there, but only because I like you and don’t want you to feel sick.

I love wedding cakes; there is just something about the combination of elegance, beauty and amazing taste, which makes them so fabulous! I have always wanted to make a wedding cake but have been far too scared. I have been a bride and although I will not say that I was a bridezilla if someone had of completely ruined my wedding cake there may have been a very real chance that I would have turned into one. I would most certainly not want to be on the receiving end of a bridezilla attack. On the other hand, if they were the world’s nicest bride I would hate to mess up their wedding. I would not want to ruin any aspect of a wedding, as I would hate to disappoint any bride or groom on their big day.

I kind of made my own wedding cake but also kind of didn’t. Any guest at my wedding would have seen a cute, simple wedding cake at the front of the reception, may have even taken photos of us cutting the cake and may have had a slice of our amazing light and moist chocolate wedding cake. However, they weren’t exactly the same cake. The chocolate cake was actually a slab cake from the local bakery, they did our engagement party cake and my soon to be Mr Hubby decided that he wouldn’t marry me unless we had that cake as our wedding cake. But a large slab of chocolate sponge cake is not the sort of cake you have for a wedding cake, or at least I couldn’t work out how to make it look like one. So after some research and some amazing suggestions from family and friends I decided to make a ‘dummy cake’. This is a fake cake that looks the part of a wedding cake than have the slab cake come out as the cut up wedding cake. I decorated a foam fake cake with one layer of real cake so that we could cut it. It did turn out great however decorating foam is a lot easier than decorating a real cake, a LOT easier.

EHC_Wedding cake 1_2014 09 12

Then recently, I had a very special opportunity. My Uncle is getting married soon to an amazing woman and they are having a lovely wedding in their hometown of Melbourne in December. However, my Grandmother is too sick to travel the six or so hours down for it and all of his bazillion nieces and nephews aren’t able to attend; no word of a lie, there are millions of us. So, the lovely couple had a blessing ceremony at the chapel at my Grandmother’s nursing home followed by a casual lunch reception. I had the honour of creating a cake for this very special occasion.

The brief for the cake was fairly vague, they wanted nothing too over the top, something fairly simple but with an art deco look. Some may think that this would be easier said than done but I had most of the idea come to mind almost immediately. I knew I wanted to do a two tiered cake, as I had never tried it and always wanted to. I knew that it would have to be a round one as the supplies I needed were all for round cakes. As soon as my Uncle suggested white on white I pictured white fondant icing with a large white organic form open flower on top, white ribbon crisscrossed around the top tier and an art deco pattern decorating the base tier. Thinking back to history at High School and Uni I recalled that art deco has a lot of square, rectangular patterns, quite a lot of right angles. As I needed to do a round cake, I needed to work out how to incorporate an art deco pattern on the base tier. So, off to Google and Pinterest I went, looking for art deco inspiration. I found a pattern that could be easily adapted to be a patterned edge around the base tier of the cake.

After days of baking and decorating, it took almost two days just to do the flower, I thankfully finished the cake the day that we were due to travel the 2.5hours back to our home town. I can honestly say that I stress way too much when it comes to travelling with cakes, every little bump scares me! Thankfully the cake arrived in perfect condition. The happy couple loved the cake, which made my day! I love seeing the pleasure that the things I create bring to the people I love.

EHC_Wedding cake 2_2014 09 12

I am genuinely pleased and very proud of my efforts with this cake. It turned out beautifully, exactly as I had imagined. I think it is my best cake yet!

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