Month: September 2014

Resin Jewellery

A number of weeks ago, I wrote about my visits to the 2014 Craft and Quilting Fairs and at the Canberra fair, I attended a workshop on resin jewellery run by Beads N Crystals. Brisbane based, Beads N Crystals run all kinds of workshops and if their workshop at the fair is anything to go by, I’d love to try many more of their workshops, check them out if you are ever in the Brisbane area.

For a long time resin jewellery was one of those crafts that I had always wanted to try but never known how to do it or even what supplies I needed. It always seemed to be one of those really difficult crafts, but as I took my seat at the resin workshop I looked over to see three young girls that looked to be about 10 years old, I felt a little more confident. Surly if they let young children do the workshop it would be easier than I had imagined. I really needn’t have worried, it was so incredibly easy to do.

In the workshop we used a liquid gloss resin called Magic-Glos™. This particular resin required no mixing and is cured by exposure to UV light, either sunlight or UV light bulbs. We each made two necklace pendants using bezel settings for both, one with rice paper and clear resin and the other with resin and resin dye. Both results were beautiful and once they were cured under the UV light they were ready to wear. (more…)

Capturing a moment indoors

A few weeks ago I said that I had a post coming soon on; Indoor photography, the pain, the stress and the results if they turn out. Well indoor photography did not disappoint; it was a pain and just as stressful as I predicted. Although I took a few photography classes at University and I like to learn and play around with new techniques and styles, I am certainly not a master photographer. Taking Photos indoors is something that I struggle with; it is not the most ideal setting for photos. Then when the indoor space has little to no natural light or even much artificial light it is even less ideal.


A slice of romance and happiness

There isn’t anything that I can say about love that isn’t going to sound like a cliché mess, so I am going to completely sidestep that aspect of today’s topic. Weddings and similar ceremonies are events that I can really get behind! I LOVED every moment of planning, organising and experience of my wedding some 4ish years ago. I have LOVED the marriage and my Mr Hubby even more, so as not to make you lose your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner I’ll stop myself there, but only because I like you and don’t want you to feel sick.


Coming soon…

It is a busy and messy time in our house at the moment. I have projects coming out of my ears. There are cake decorating supplies all over the kitchen, sewing supplies all over the dining table and photography equipment scatted around the lounge room. Then there is a to-do list of projects a mile long as well. So whilst I am busy trying to create projects for the posts I haven’t finished anything yet to write about. I think I may have an attention span issue! Perhaps I ort to stick to just one project at a time, I can hear Mr Hubby and my mother saying, “I told you so”. Hence why this post is just a quick one to give you a taste of what is hopefully coming soon…