There is nothing quite like walking into a massive hall, filled to the brim with supplies, tools and experts in the field of your favourite pass time. As I entered the Sydney Exhibition Centre, surrounded by other excited attendees all there to learn, share and shop I couldn’t help but smile with glee like an over excited little girl. And then again 2 months later when I entered the Exhibition Park in Canberra I wasn’t any less excited. This year I was lucky enough to not only experience my first visit to a craft fair but to experience my second too.


A friend emailed me the information for the 2014 Craft and Quilting fair knowing that I would be interested in it and I realised that I was going to be in Sydney the weekend of the fair. I just had to go! So I begged and pleaded with Mr Hubby to not only let me attend but to accompany me to the fair and somewhat begrudgingly he agreed. How lucky am I??? So with much excitement I bought 2 tickets to the Fair and not so patiently waited for the weekend to roll around. I had never been to the type of craft fair that was for people that liked to craft. I have been to plenty of fairs and markets that were full of created goods that had the odd stall or two of suppliers and tools but never one that was specifically for tools, supplies and workshops designed for crafters.

When the Sydney Craft and Quilting fair finally rolled around I had a BLAST. We were there for most of the day, I had a jam packed schedule of seminars and workshops and I got to see EVERY stall. Mr Hubby was so incredibly patient, barely complaining and carried my bags and bags of shopping; he even encouraged me to buy things that I wanted but was reluctant to purchase due to the cost. Do not worry though; Mr Hubby was sufficiently rewarded for his good behaviour.

I had so much fun at the Sydney fair that I decided I had to make a second visit by going to the Canberra fair too. Mr Hubby was very adamant that he was not going to go to the fair a second time and that I would have to rope in a friend to go with me. Luckily my friend Mrs V is also a crafter and was happy to come along to supervise me. This time around I booked in to do a make and take class in Resin Jewellery; something I have wanted to get into for a long time and loved it.

Both events were a little draining on the bank account but I did get lots of awesome stuff.

The Sydney fair haul…

EHC_Craft Fair_1_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_2_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_4_2014 08 29

 EHC_Craft Fair_3_2014 08 29

The Canberra fair haul…

EHC_Craft Fair_5_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_10_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_6_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_7_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_9_2014 08 29

EHC_Craft Fair_8_2014 08 29

In coming posts I will go into further detail into some of the techniques I learnt and products that I purchased from the 2014 Craft and Quilting Fair.

I will definitely be going back next year and it may just be an annual event on my calendar. I am hooked and want to go to more now. Are there any fairs that you have been to that you have enjoyed and would recommend?


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